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Becky Koker

Becky Koker

As the Director of Operations, she’s not just the wheels on this artistic rollercoaster, but the engine that propels us forward. Behind the scenes, she conjures order from chaos, wielding technology and taming paperwork with finesse.

Becky isn't just about balance sheets and schedules; she's the enchantress who empowers us 'mad' artists to chase our creative whims. A true adhesive force, she binds us into a harmonious collective. Amid shaping the studio’s destiny, she’s secretly sculpting her own artistic saga. A versatile sorceress of creativity, she dances between fabrics, leather, jewelry, metals, ceramics, and even her trusty cricut machine.

In her free time, she enjoys playing WoW, DnD, and BG3, if you couldn't tell from her bio.

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