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Have questions about our pottery classes or our studio? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us.

  • Where are you located?
    8519 N. Main Street, Houston, TX 77023 (off 43rd & Main St.) We moved in May 2021.
  • How can I reach you?
    Our “office” hours are in the evening and on the weekends. Text us at 832-907-2560, you may call but texting is easier to get a quicker response. e-mail us at
  • 7 Week Sessions
    Our mixed skill level 7 week courses are 2.5 hours long on the same day each week for 7 consecutive weeks and includes 8 hours of open studio time on Friday 2-8pm, Saturday 9-8pm, and Sunday 1-6pm excluding special events and workshops.
  • What is Pre-Book 7 Week Sessions and why can't I access?
    This page is to provide current students the option to sign up for the next 7 week session before everyone else. Once per-enrollment ends we will open the sessions to all. This option is active while you are in a 7 week session, there is no commitment and no fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold your position if you skip the next session and it is full.
  • When are classes?
    Class is the same day every week that you enrolled for 7 consecutive weeks.
  • What do I need to bring?
    7 Week Sessions A basic tool kit or purchase one when you register. An apron or a towel. Change into some comfy clothes. Tie up your long hair. Touch N Go Minis and Hand Building Workshops No need to bring anything everything you will need will be provided. We do ask that if you have long hair you bring something to pull it back.
  • May I reschedule a missed class?
    Unfortunately, we have been overwhelmed with reschedule requests, substituting student requests, and students showing up randomly to other classes. This has caused a lot of confusion for the instructors and the regular students, along with concerns due to Covid-19, so after much consideration we made the difficult decision to stop offering make up classes.
  • May I receive a credit for missed classes?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to credit your missed class. Class fees are allocated to the expenses based and expended on your full session. Please check your calendar before enrolling in a session.
  • I took a class, when will my work be ready?
    7 Week Sessions We ask that you begin wrapping up your pieces by week 6, if you do not plan to return next session. Your pieces will go through the normal process, it may take up to 3-4 weeks after class ends to pick up your pieces. Please scan qr code to see if your work is ready to be picked up or visit Touch N Go Minis/Hand Building Workshops Your work should be ready approximately 3 weeks after class. Please scan qr code to see if your work is ready to be picked up. Please scan qr code to see if your work is ready to be picked up or visit Firing Service: Work dropped off on Friday or Saturday should be ready the following week, we will send an automated message when your work is ready to be picked up on Friday or Saturday please visit to verify dates:
  • I need to skip a session, may I keep my 7 Week pre-enrollment?
    Unfortunately, that is not an option, unless you choose to pay for your spot to hold it, we will need to pass it on to the person that enrolls for the next session. If, the class is not full, we may be able to hold your position. Please make your request by emailing us at
  • How do I access my account?
    Please visit or click below.
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