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Allyn Martinez

Allyn Martinez

Allyn Martinez is a practicing ceramist and sculptor based out of Tomball, TX.

Allyn graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston, with a BFA in Sculpture, in 2012. Her main practice in college was ceramics/fibers, mixed media, and large-scale sculptures. After college she worked as a studio assistant/apprentice to Houston Ceramic Artists/Sculptor, Lotus Bermudez, from 2012-2016. During her time as a studio assistant, she began teaching adult and children’s classes at Third Coast Clay in the Heights. She also regularly took and assisted with ceramic workshops with various Houston based artists. While teaching classes in the Heights, she set up a home studio and began teaching one on one and semi-private classes in her home studio.

Currently, she has built a studio on her property in Tomball, TX. The studio is fit for full production and completion. Her studio includes, a kiln, raku kiln, wheel, slab roller, and space for glaze formulations. Her main focus recently has been a series of sculptures using body casting, clay, and fibers. Due to COVID she has limited teaching out of her home studio. She currently provides private lessons and has been teaching art elective classes at a school in Magnolia, TX.

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