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First time Work from Home Members: Drop off for first time firing service: Monday - Friday 9-2pm and Saturday before 12pm.




  • All ceramics must fit in tote with lid firmly in place.
  • Only one type of firing per tote, each tote may only contain one firing style, bisque, low fire glaze, or Cone 6. If you have two firings, then you will need two totes.
  • We expect work to be fired and ready in 4 days.



  • All work must be less than ½” thick.
  • No paper clay, paper, or organic materials allowed in kiln.
  • Work must be bone dry before it is brought to studio.
  • All cone 6 glaze work will be free from glaze on the bottom/base.
  • We recommend bubble wrap or corrugated paper to transport fragile clay works in supplied totes. No other boxes will be allowed.



  • Clay works can be very fragile and we do our best to handle everything with care but we are not responsible for items being broken or glaze defects.
  • Clients accept the risks to clay works associated with community firing. We are not responsible for damage to works that occurs as a result of another’s mishap.
  • Clients will be responsible for the cost of any damages to the kiln, shelves, or posts caused by client errors such as incorrect glazing, enclosed forms with no steam hole, mistaken clay body or wrong glaze temperature.



  • Fired pottery and clay works are a bit unpredictable by nature. Reasonable variances can happen during firing, especially with glazing.
  • We expect work to be fired and ready in 4 days.

Work from Home Kiln Firing Services

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