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In Person Studio Membership

With a 3 month commitment to start membership.



Third Coast Clay's In Person Membership includes 50 hours a month studio time plus you receive:

  • Individual keyless Bluetooth access to our studio. This allows you to come and go from 7am to 11pm at your convenience outside of the studio'

  • All specialty tools and equipment are there for use when available on schedule:

3-Electric kilns for members use only

2-front loader raku kilns

1-24 cu. ft. reduction kiln

1-barrel kiln

2-soda kilns (coming soon)

1-Glow worm fiber-frax kiln

Plaster bat system

Diamond core caving tools

Numerous stamps and textures

Pneumatic extruder for members use only

  • Use of studio glazes or bring your own studio approved glaze

  • 50lbs of clay per month

  • Firings: 2 kiln loads worth of pots a month = 300 points (ex. 1 kiln load of bisque and 1 of glaze)

  • Use of on site kitchen for small meals​

Additional benefits:

  • 1 Private, 3 hour event at the studio after a year of paid membership. (Ony cost is to pay for the instructors).

  • Member only Raku Parties in December & March (When we will have someone to help with the process).

  • Members Only Clay Play Days - 3 times a year (July, November, February).

  • Member's Art Show during annual celebration.

  • 10% Off all workshops


50 hrs. x $20.00/hr = $1,000.00

50 lbs. of clay = $60.00

Bisque Kiln $170.00

Glaze Kiln $250.00

(Value of $1,480.00)


10% Discount for one year membership commitment.



  • Must have at least 6 months of experience working with us or another studio. Must be comfortable with working solo on the wheel and using other studio equipment on your own.

  • May not be a production potter (i.e. creating bulk orders for your business).

  • Applicants will need to fill out an application and email no more than 3 images of their own work they have completed within the last two years.

  • Agree to a 3 month commitment to start membership.


Ready to join? Complete the application below.

Membership Application

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