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Surface Techniques

Sgraffito, sprig molds, sprigging onto clay, texture in the classroom, and texture rollers techniques.

    1. Wall Hanger
    a. Sgraffito
    i. Glaze your piece that is leather hard with Underglaze
    ii. When the underglaze dries, take your needle tool and scratch the surface of the piece removing the layer of underglaze.
    iii. Can carve into the piece if desired

    b. Sprig Molds: Making and Usage
    i. Making a Sprig Mold
    1. Take a walnut sized piece of clay
    2. Shape it into a small thick carrot shape with a thick base
    3. Take thick base and press into object
    4. Bisque Fire
    5. Use on wet clay to either imprint on clay or add sprig to clay.
    ii. Sprigging onto clay
    1. Take a small amount of clay and put into bisque fired sprig mold
    2. Score and slip section you would like to add sprig to
    3. Press sprig onto scored section.
    4. Sprig should come out on clay

    c. Texture in the Classroom
    1. Have students find texture in the classroom and use it to create texture on clay.
    a. Examples
    i. Crayons
    ii. Shoes
    iii. Staplers
    iv. Pencils
    v. Pens
    d. Texture Rollers
    i. Use of texture rollers for easy projects.
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