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  • Studio Membership

    Every month
    For ceramic artists in need of a space to work.
    • Wheel Time Reservation

By paying for your membership,

you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

Please read and agree to the

Membership Contract.

Download the Studio Policy Handbook.


Complete and submit your emergency contact information.

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Monthly Membership


$350 Month (three-month min. commitment)

  • Access to member area wheels, slab roller, tables, and other pottery equipment

  • 150 Glaze firing points a month

  • Use of glazes

  • One dedicated shelf, 36”x18”

  • 50 lbs. of clay/month

  • 10% off two Workshops annually

  • Up to 50 hours a month in the studio (hours do not roll over to next month))

Intermediate skill level or 6 months of experience is expected for application. This
membership is for independent working, no instruction is provided. All applications will be reviewed by staff before approval. Sessions will be booked through the online schedule system (when made available) as well as an in-studio physical sign in/out sheet. Up to 150 firing points will be recorded by each member monthly. Points are based on the size of members' work (example: a teacup= 10 points). Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

TCC requires a 30-day written notice of any membership cancellations. You can cancel by emailing us at If you do not give the studio at least a 30 day notice before your next payment date, you will be charged for the next payment period, and then your membership will be canceled. You will still be able to utilize the studio up through the final day of your membership period.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the member to clear their member shelf and any personal belongings from the studio prior to their final membership period ending. All left behind items will become property of TCC.

Studio is open to members and students during regular class hours. Only staff and instructors are allowed on premises when closed.

Current Hours of Studio Access: Updated Jan/Feb 2022

Monday: 11am-1:30pm & 6pm-8:30pm
Tuesday: 11am-4:30pm & 6pm-8:30pm
Wed: 11am-1:30pm & 6pm-8:30pm
Thursday: 11am-1:30pm & 6pm-8:30pm
Friday: 9am-3:30pm
Sat/Sun: Weekend Hours will be added when work exchange staff is

          *Changes in hours will be posted on-site (and soon online).

Sometimes the studio or parts of the studio will be reserved for mini sessions,
workshops, and private events on Friday nights and weekends that will limit
membership studio access. These will be booked in advance and posted.

I have read and understand the terms of the monthly membership agreement. By signing below, I agree that I have received, read, and understand my rights regarding cancellation and payment and agree to the terms of this contract. I also understand that my membership may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of Third Coast Clay.

Membership Agreement

Safety Policy

All members will be required to read, discuss, and ask any questions they might have about the Third Coast Clay Safety Policies.

Prepare yourself for the use of machinery/equipment (wheels, slab roller) by securing your clothing, hair, and jewelry.

Inhaling foreign substances is one of the biggest health hazards in the ceramic studio. Be sure you have adequate ventilation for either dust or fumes before proceeding with a project. Please sand all work outdoors.

Keep your attention focused on both the machine and on the operation you wish to perform with it.

Be alert for any unusual sounds, loose parts, dull blades, or poor adjustments when turning on or operating a machine. Alert a staff member to the situation before continuing to use the machine. Never force a machine to do work. Report any gas, electrical, or mechanical hazards immediately.

All sharp tools must be handled with attention and care. Walk with sharp ends pointing down and never run with sharp tools.

Clean up scrap clay, plaster, glaze, or other scrap materials when finished with an operation. Return any machine/equipment to a state of readiness for the next person to use. Also return all hand-held machines to their proper storage area and clean off all workbenches of foreign or scrap material. Dispose of them properly. Scrap materials, especially clay dust, can be a health and fire hazard, and should be cleaned up daily.

All accidents, large or small, must be reported immediately to the staff member.

First Aid equipment has been provided in both bathroom storage areas.

Third Coast Clay expects that all members will abide by the safety procedures outlined in this document as well as the Studio Handbook. Repeated violations will bring into question whether the member involved will be allowed to continue working in the studio.

I have read and understand the precautions I must take to prevent injury and harm to others and myself in the ceramic studio. I agree to practice the above procedures to ensure the health and safety of others and myself. I will hold neither Third Coast Clay, its associates, employees, nor affiliates to be responsible for any
injury, accident, or death sustained while on the premises.

Safety Policy

Photography Release Agreement

I acknowledge that my artwork can be photographed at any time and shared to Third Coast Clay’s social media and marketing platforms including but not limited to the Third Coast Clay website, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. If I request that my photos of my artwork or myself are not used, I will notify staff at the time pictures are being taken.

Photography Release Agreement

Studio Policy Handbook/Procedures

I acknowledge that I have received the Third Coast Clay Studio Policy Handbook and will read its entirety. All members will be required to read, discuss, and ask any questions they might have about the Third Coast Clay Studio Policy Handbook.

Studio Policy Handbook

Thanks for submitting!

Studio Policy

Please download and read the Studio Policy Handbook.


By paying for your membership,

you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.